• 5'7" / 170cm
  • 31" / 79cm
  • 24½" / 62cm
  • 34" / 86cm
  • S
  • 0-2 US
  • A
  • 8.5
  • Brown
  • Green-Grey
  • Rainn101510

After starting her modeling career at 15 years old in Cincinnati Ohio, Stephanie went from Chicago to Los Angeles. During that time, Stephanie studied on full scholarships in dance and vocal performance.

After 12 years of modeling for foreign markets, editorials, print and so much more, Stephanie started a nursing career and became a Registered nurse. After marriage and children, she took a small hiatus from modeling.With her own Medspa and now, with her children in the modeling world, she has come back! Modeling as a mother and mature woman brings new excitement to Stephanie. She is ready to represent the women of the consumer world!!!